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Indonesia Visa Services
Indonesia Visa
Indonesia Visa Services
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Indonesian Exotic Fruits

Indonesian Exotic Fruits


Expatriate Services In Indonesia

Overview of Indonesia | Preparations for Moving | Visas and Documents |

Jobs | Embassies | Bahasa | Housing | Living OutsideJakarta |

Communications | Preparing your Home | Household Staff | Schooling |

Transportation | Shopping | Banking | Insurance | Health & Medical |

Recreation | Community Involvement | Religious Services | Indonesian

Culture | Doing Business | Emergency | Preparedness | Mixed Marriages

| Expat Stories | Useful Links
Emergency Preparedness
An Overview of Indonesia - learn a bit about your new home
Preparations for Moving to Indonesia

* Preparing for your Move to Indonesia - Your Household Goods

Shipment - answers to moving questions - what to bring and what to

leave behind

* Relocation and Orientation Services - Ease your transition

through professional help in settling in to your new life in Indonesia
o Quality of Living Survey
o Myths of Expatriate Life
o Ways to Help Expatriate Families Adjust
o Top Ten Tips for Working with Other Cultures
o Top Ten Words to Internalize to Enjoy the Expat Lifstyle
* Hit the Ground Running - what to do during your first weeks in

* Visas and Documentation - everything you need to know about

paperwork you'll need
* Job Seekers - looking for a job in Indonesia
* Recommended Publications
* Your Embassy In Jakarta
* Raising Expatriate Children in Indonesia
o 2007 Children's Summer Camps in Jakarta New article !!
* Adopting Children in Indonesia
* Learning Bahasa Indonesia - the National Language
* Retirement in Indonesia
* How Many Expats Live in Indonesia?

Housing - Finding your new residence in Indonesia

* Jakarta's neighborhoods
* Real estate agencies and brokerage services
o Residential Leasing Guidelines
* Serviced apartments/Temporary housing
* Leasing an apartment
* Apartment Living in Jakarta New article !!
* Buying property in Indonesia
* Townhouses
* Housing Estates
* Hotels in Indonesia New article !!
* Housing Forum

Living Outside Jakarta

* International Schools Outside Jakarta
* Community Groups in Areas Outside Jakarta
* Worship Services in Foreign Languages
* ISOS Medical Clinics and Alarm Centers around Indonesia
* Bali
* Balikpapan and Samarinda, Kalimantan
* Bandung, West Java
* Batam, Riau Islands
* Bogor, West Java
* Jayapura, Papua (Irian Jaya)
* Kuala Kencana, Papua (Irian Jaya)
* Malang, East Java
* Manado, North Sulawesi
* Surabaya, East Java

Communications - Keeping in Touch

* Phones in your home
* Hand Phones
* International telecommunication services
* Internet Access Options in Indonesia
* International SMS Messaging to/from Indonesia
* Mail amd international courier services
* Keeping in touch with family and friends at home
* News from home - newspapers around the world

Preparing your new home for residence

* Household Maintenance and Repairs
* Electricity
* Household water supply and treatment systems
o Saving Water - the brick displacement method
* Bottled water
* Bottled gas
* Pest control
* Pets in Indonesia
* Decorating your new home
* Security at home and around town
o Executive Summary: Implications of an Invasion of Iraq for

expatriates in Indonesia
o Residential Security Basics
o Household Security Rules
o Emergency Phone Numbers for Jakarta and Tangerang
Crime Statistics and Safety for Foreigners in Indonesia
Home Security During Vacations and Home Leave
* Insuring your personal possessions
* Furniture
* Furniture Rental
* Air Conditioners
* Television and Home Entertainment
* Marine Aquariums

Employing Household Staff

* Household staff in your new home
o JICC Staff Registry
* Privacy Issues in Indonesia and how they affect expatriates
* Medical Screening for Household Staff
* Salary and Compensation
o General guidelines for staff salaries
* Guards
o Household Security Rules in Bahasa Indonesia
* Hiring a Driver
* Baby-sitters, Nannies and other Child Minders
o Training your Indonesian child minder in the developmental

needs of toddlers
o Child Care Provider First Aid Courses

Schooling - Finding the best school for your children

* Choosing a pre-school
* Importance of Early Childhood Education
* Gifted and Talented Program
* International schools
* National Plus Schools
* Raising Expatriate Children in Indonesia

Transportation and Travel - Ways to get around during your stay

* Traditional and Modern Public Transport in Jakarta
* Making a driver's license
* Hiring a Driver
* Taxis
* Safety Tips for Traveling by Taxi
* Leasing a car
* Buying a car
* Insuring your car
* Hints for dealing with Jakarta's traffic
* Travel Agents in Indonesia

Shopping for your Daily Needs

* Supermarkets
* Department Stores in Indonesia
* Specialty Grocery Stores
* Jakarta Malls and Shopping Centers
* Shopping for essentials from the provinces
* Books and Bookstores in Indonesia
* Traditional markets
* Factory Outlet Shopping
* Shops, Products and Services Directory
* Shop Highlights
o It's a Ming Thing
o Pearls of Wisdom - shopping for pearl jewelry
o The Cap Man - Cap in Hand!
o Batik Canting
o Mozaïc

Essential Services

* Beauty Salons
* Traditional Beauty Treatments
* Men's Tailoring and Men's Clothing
* Travel Agents in Indonesia
* Foot Reflexology

Banking and Personal Finances

* Living in a rupiah world
* Banking in Indonesia
* Credit Card Fraud in Indonesia
* Indonesian individual income tax
* Investment advice and financial planning
* Insurance in Indonesia
o Medical insurance
o Travel Insurance

Health and Medical Concerns

* Ask the Experts A forum for your medical questions
* Medical facilities
* Medical insurance
* Pharmacies/Apotik and Obtaining Medications in Indonesia
* Registering the Birth of a Child in Indonesia
* Choosing Online International Health and Medical Insurance for

* First Aid Courses
* First Aid for Teenagers
* International SOS Diabetes Clinic
* Child Care Provider First Aid Courses
* Well Women's Clinic
* Medical Screening for Household Staff
* Singapore's Healthcare Services
o Having a baby in Singapore
* Health-related Links
* Specific medical concerns:

o Advice for Healthy Living while Staying in Indonesia
o Air Pollution: Who Controls the Air we Breathe?
o Anthrax as an Agent of Bioterrorism
o Black Henna Reactions from Temporary Tattoos
o Common Intestinal Worms
o Dengue Fever
o Detoxification
o Gastroenteritis
o Getting Pregnant … and Infertility New article !!
o Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
o Having a baby in Singapore
o Health Concerns Due to Floodwater
o Hepatitis A, B and C
o Hypno Birthing - Taking the world by calm
o Leptospirosis
o Malaria
o Masuk angin - what is it?
o Medical Evacuations
o Organic Living - benefits for good health
o Polio Update
o Rabies
o Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
o Sexually Transmissible Disease and Sexual Behaviour:

Effects on Healthy Residence and Travel Abroad
o Snakebite Poisoning - Poisonous Snakes
o Swimmer's Ear
o Travel Insurance
o Travelers' Advice - has immunization information
o Tuberculosis
o Typhoid

Recreation and Sports - Things to do in your leisure time

* Rest and Relaxation in Jakarta
* Meditation: An Investment in Yourself
* Great Escapes - Travel through Indonesia on your next Vacation
* Diving in Indonesia
* Dining Out/Restaurants
o Jakarta's Restaurants
o Expat Restaurant Reviews
o Blok M Bars
* Sports and Fitness Clubs
* Golfing in Indonesia
* Courses and Lessons
* Travel Links for Indonesia

Getting Involved in the Expat Community

* Joining community organizations
* Expatriate Community Organizations in Indonesia
* Community Sports Clubs and Associations
* Women who care
* Giving Back - Supporting Indonesian Charities
* Community Events Calendar
* Community Bulletin Boards
* Volunteering for this Web Site
* Spending the Christmas/New Year Holidays in Indonesia
* Celebrating Halloween in Indonesia

Religious Services in Foreign Languages
Indonesian Customs and Culture - Learn More about your Host Country

* Wedding ceremonies and customs
* Indonesian holidays
* Indonesian arts and handicrafts
o It's a Ming Thing
o Batik
o The Cap Man - Cap in Hand!
o Holding that thread of thought: an introduction to

Indonesian textiles and their traditional uses
o Pearls of Wisdom - shopping for pearl jewelry
* Indonesian children's games
* How to wear a men's tube sarong
* Learn more about Indonesian products
o Tea for More than Two - Oolong Tea grown in West Java

Cross Cultural Concerns

* Don't Call me Bule

Doing Business in Indonesia - Info from the Experts
Mixed Marriages - Indonesians and Expatriates
Expat Stories - the Humorous Side of Living In Indonesia
Useful Links - More Great Sites on Indonesia

Overview of Indonesia | Preparations for Moving | Visas and Documents |

Jobs | Embassies | Bahasa | Housing | Living Outside Jakarta |

Communications | Preparing your Home | Household Staff | Schooling |

Transportation | Shopping | Banking | Insurance | Health & Medical |

Recreation | Community Involvement | Religious Services | Indonesian

Culture | Doing Business | Emergency | Preparedness | Mixed Marriages |

Expat Stories | Useful Links

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