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Indonesia Guide at a glance

Adventure looms large in this vast and steamy archipelago, where the best of southeast Asia's spicy melange simmers tantalisingly. Heady scents, vivid colours, dramatic vistas and diverse cultures spin and multiply, their potent brew leaving your senses reeling.

Indonesia's cities are in a constant state of urban evolution, where dense populations, technology and construction live in hectic symbiosis. But most of the archipelago's territory remains unexplored, concealing a wealth of cultures and a myriad of landscapes.

Heightened Terrorism Threat - Natural Disasters - Volcanoes

High level terrorism-related warnings have been issued by Western governments concerning travel in Indonesia. Travellers are advised to check their local consular information and monitor the situation in Indonesia closely before making travel plans.

Indonesia has suffered several natural disasters in recent years. Areas of Aceh and Northern Sumatra continue to recover from the Dec 2004 tsunami. The area around Yogjakarta in Central Java was struck by a major earthquake in May 2006. Pangaradan in southern Java was devastated by an tsunami in July 2006. Travellers visiting these areas should be aware that they are still rebuilding and transport and infrastructure may be affected.

Mt Merapi in Central Java and Mt Karangetang on Siau Island, north of Sulawesi, are both highly active volcanoes. Mt Karangetang is currently on an eruption warning and nearby villages have been evacuated. Travellers should check news sources for any heightened activity before visiting these areas.

Areas of Central Sulawesi, Aceh, Papua and Maluku are experiencing unrest; however, safe travel to some parts of these areas is still possible. There are also heightened security risks in parts of Kalimantan and West Timor. Monitor news if travelling extensively in Indonesia, especially relating to the volatile situation in Aceh.

Check out Safe Travel for updated government warnings or the Thorn Tree travel forum for some good advice from travellers.

When To Go

Though travel in the wet season is possible in most parts of Indonesia, it can be a deterrent to some activities and travel on mud-clogged roads in less developed areas is difficult. In general, the best time to visit is in the dry season between May and October.

In most cases, experiencing an Indonesian festival is reason enough to head to a destination. Some are so significant, however, that they can generate difficult conditions for travellers. Tana Toraja's funeral season boosts Rantepao's population, and hotel prices, substantially during July and August. In Java it's a good idea to avoid the final days of Idul Fitri, when public transport is mayhem and some businesses close.

A tragic drop in tourist hordes means that Indonesia's 'high season' no longer presents the same kind of bother it once did. Certainly, the December-January Christmas holiday period and the school holidays still brings a wave of migratory Australians, and Europeans head to Bali, Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi in July and August. But climatic impediments aside, pretty much any time is a good time to head to Indonesia at the moment.

The main Indonesian holiday periods are the end of Ramadan, when domestic tourists fill resorts to overflowing and prices escalate; Christmas; and from mid-June to mid-July, is when graduating high-school students take off by the busload to various tourist attractions, mainly in Java and Bali.

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