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Indonesia Visa Requirements Doing Business in Indonesia

Indonesia Visa Requirements Doing Business in Indonesia

There are many lucrative ways to earn money through employment or doing business in Indonesia. We can efficiently
provide you with a 100% LEGITIMATE LEGAL STATUS to do business in Bali and business Indonesia wide. This
will allow you to remain in Indonesia and legally earn money through paid employment or doing business in Indonesia.

Work/Residence Visa (KITAS) From Rp:4,000.000 - Price is inclusive and includes all other needed procedures,
such as village reporting, police reporting and immigration Indonesia reporting. Processing time needed is 3-4 weeks.

There are indeed many excellent business Indonesia opportunities and none more then those in Bali Indonesia. Massive
foreign investment in Indonesia and worldwide promotions and incentives from the Indonesian government are set to
provide even better opportunities for doing business in Indonesia. Many Bali business activities also afford excellent
lifestyles opportunities among the vibrant international community in Bali Indonesia.

However, as many foreign investors are doing business in Indonesia illegally and operating outside of Indonesian laws
(both knowingly and unknowingly). Every year a growing number of foreign Bali business operators have to deal with
the severe consequences. Penalties include large fines, imprisonment and deportation. Property and assets can also be
ceased and confiscated, if deemed to be part of any illegal foreign investment in Indonesia.

We are approved and licensed business consultants in Indonesia and are highly qualified and experienced in the
delivering of professional Bali business services. We are experts in the formation of secure and legal company
formations for both locally partnered Bali business and direct foreign Indonesia investment operations. Our foreign
Indonesia investment companies are comprehensively structured to afford a wide range of legal protections for both
individuals and assets.

The smart forming of a direct foreign Indonesia investment company, when combined with equally smart and detailed
legal contracts, provides more then immigration Indonesia compliance with rules and regulations for foreign investors.
You can enjoy the security and confidence that results from the many other legal benefits and protections. These
include secure investment and protection of assets and the ability to avoid high risk liability that can very well result
from illegal business operations and hiring of human resources.

Being licensed business consultants in Indonesia and approved legal service providers with our own law offices,
including a certified Notaris and full support team of law academics. We are very skilled in producing high-level legal
protections that are uniquely tailored to meet specific personal and business needs. This is due to an up-to-date
knowledge of Indonesian law and a vast network of contacts and resources. We work to ensure a long-term
relationship and our Bali business services are based on honesty, trust and the true facts. We work within advised
time-frames and a detailed contract of service agreement. We put our "promises" on paper for your protection.

The most important advantage that we offer is that we do not operate using TRICKS, DECEPTION or HIDDEN
INFORMATION and CHARGES! - Business Indonesia and immigration Indonesia laws are very complicated and
there are a number of agents offering Bali business services, using the very complex nature of law here to outwit and
deceive the very people they promise to aid and protect. As most of their victims will have no legal contract of service
agreement and are most likely dealing with an unregistered Bali business service provider, they will be forced to
submit to the extra or un-agreed demands of these unscrupulous operators or risk losing monies paid and never seeing
the completion of the service.

We provide excellent after sales and ongoing service for our Bali business clients. We can advise, prepare and submit
government required monthly taxation reports and yearly company taxation returns. We can provide all manner of
secure legal contracts to ensure dispute free business operations regarding staffing, suppliers, landlords and even
customers. We provide free problem solving and solutions using our vast experience and networks. We operate a 24
hour help-line (0361) 794-8127). If you have ANY legal problems in Indonesia, we will assist in finding a fast solution.

In-regards to obtaining an Indonesian company to permit business in Bali, there are TWO main options:

1) CV or PT company - This company formation must be registered in the name of an Indonesian citizen. However
legal contracts are drawn to provide protection of assets and assign power and rights to an investor. This company
can sponsor up-to 4 foreign nationals for doing business in Indonesia, if activity is directly related to the company
business activities and within permitted company authorizations.

CV or PT Company Formations are priced from Rp:25,000.000 - Time to complete 8-12 weeks.
Main pros and cons: Cheaper and faster to produce. This company structure offers high level protection, however
cannot guarantee total protection of investor assets or property.

2) PMA company - This Company is dedicated especially for foreign investment in Indonesia and can be held fully in
the name of the foreign investor/s.

PMA Company Formations are priced depending on location and intended activities - Time to complete 12-14 weeks.
Main pros and cons: More expensive and takes longer to produce. However this company structure offers total
protection of investor/s assets and property.

We will BEAT any written quotes!

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