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The Sponsor company that I means is someone or a company in Indonesia

thank you for your email.

I have seen your own photo in your website, really what a wonderful photographs that I've seen,
and the pictures so amazing, really you are a Great Photographer.
back to your visa issue,
The Sponsor company that I means is someone or a company in Indonesia that will act as sponsor
for your visa application here in Indonesia as well as for your visa extension application monthly later on
so that you can stay in Indonesia for 6(six) months.
in my opinion you had better using a company as your sponsorship, but if you didn't have any company
in Indonesia, We can provide a company as your sponsor ( this is that I means "sponsor from OUR side" )
but if you have already a company in Indonesia that will act as your sponsor it means "sponsor from YOUR side".
in my view you'd better to use the tipe of visa that I mentioned before namely VISIT VISA SINGLE ENTRY.
but if you have no any sponsor, we can provide and prepare everything for your visa, just enough you send me
the passport copies 4 pages via e-mail.
if the sponsor from your side you have to provide the following documents :
1. copy of the company's business license letter (SIUP)
2. copy of the deed of establishment.
3. copy of the company's tax number(NPWP)
4. copy of the Dimicile Certificate.
5. copy of the company's registration certificate (TDP)
6. copy of the Gazetting of articles of incorporation.
7. copy of the Director's identity card (KTP/KITAS)
8. 2(two) company letter heads, signed by the Director and sealed with the company stamp.
If someone or your friend in Indonesia will act as your sponsor you need to provide the following documents :
1. Sponsor's identity card ( KTP )
2. Sponsor's family register( Kartu Keluarga )
3. Sponsor's Bank account statements
4. Sponsor Application Letter.
5. Sponsor's mobile number.

Kind Regards,

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